Tax On Overweight People In Ancient Times  

Did you know that the Bible called obesity a sin and it was termed as gluttony? Gluttony is a sin in Christianity and amounts to indulgence equivalent to smoking and drinking. In ancient times, in some countries like Rome, Greece and even parts of Egypt, fat people were penalized with various kinds of taxes and additional work.

In Rome, where things were more orderly, fat men and women had to pay more taxes for food and groceries. However, this is not possible in modern day civilization. But this indicates that being obese was not acceptable even in the ancient society and unfortunately, today, in the modern society, obesity or being overweight has become a way of life.

Why is there such a difference when most of the culture remains same? It has a lot to do with our own lifestyles and the increase in convenience. The physical activity levels of people have come down by a large extent and people do not exert their bodies as much as they exert their minds for example. This is why they have to deal with problems like stress and anxiety.

People buy readymade food more than they cook and as a result they eat unhealthy food. In ancient times, food was not readymade and people had to grow their own food and eat. There are several reasons that can be attributed to obesity and why people during ancient times were not thin.

An interesting thing noticed in the pyramids of Egypt and its paintings was that most people are shown as thin or muscular while there are no depictions of people who are overweight or obese.

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Tax On Overweight People In Ancient Times





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