Sharp Pains Across Top Of Foot  

There are some people who suffer from sharp pains across the top of their feet and they do not know the cause for this pain. There are numerous causes of pain on top of the foot. Knowing the type and location of pain will help determine the cause of pain.

Here are some causes of sharp pain across the top of the foot:

  1. Pain behind the toes on top of the foot, without a history of trauma, could be a stress fracture of a metatarsal bone. The area gets swollen and is painful to the touch.
  2. If pain occurs near the middle of the top of the foot, it is due to the tendons that lead to the toes getting inflamed. This is called extensor tendonitis and is caused by excessive tightness of the calf muscles. Wearing a shoe with a one inch heel will relieve the situation. Anti inflammatory medications can help.
  3. Osteoarthritis could also lead to pain. It normally is seen in people with flat feet. It causes a bony swelling.
  4. Osteoarthritis also causes pain in the big toe joint. Here, bone spurring occurs on top of the foot. Pressure from a shoe can cause pain. Anti inflammatory medicine can help.
  5. Generalized pain on the top of the foot that occurs in children and young adults may be due to tarsal condition. It is the abnormal fusion of two or more bones in the mid- portion of the foot. It is hereditary and worsens with activity.
  6. When pain occurs on the top and inside of the foot, it could be a stress fracture of the navicular bone. Treatment consists of rest with limitation of activity and anti-inflammatory medications.
  7. Tendonitis, the irritation of a muscle tendon can cause top of foot pain.

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Sharp Pains Across Top Of Foot




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