Leg Pain And Quad Muscle And Tightness  

The quadriceps (Quads) is a large muscle group comprising four muscles in the front of the thigh. The strongest and leanest muscle in the human body, the quadriceps forms a large fleshy mass that covers the thigh bone or femur. All four muscles are attached to, and terminate at the knee cap or patella.

The quadriceps plays a critical role in all mobility such as running, walking, squatting and jumping because of which it is particularly susceptible to strain and tears. Pain could be caused because of this and also if the quadriceps is directly injured, in which case it is called a contusion.

Quadriceps strain, and the pain associated with it is generally broken into 3 classifications depending on severity, based on which appropriate treatment is administered. Usually this condition is treated with cold compresses, heat retainers or compression bandages. It might even call for ultrasound and electrical stimulation for relief. Tightness in the thigh is normally classified as grade 1 which can generally be treated with a compression bandage and ice packs.

Leg pain is a common symptom and complaint. Leg pain could arise from muscle cramps due to dehydration, or depletion of any number of mineral salts like potassium, sodium, calcium, or magnesium. It could also be the result of injuries, inflammation, nerve damage, and a host of other conditions. Leg pain will happen with muscle fatigue or strain from overuse, too much exercise, or holding a muscle in the same position for a long time. Since there are so many conditions that give rise to leg pain, proper identification of the source is essential to treatment.

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Leg Pain And Quad Muscle And Tightness




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Leg Pain And Quad Muscle And Tightness )
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