Causes Of Extreme Stomach Pain  

Extreme stomach pain can be quite stressing for the patient and if the causes are not found then it can be even more troublesome. The patient may not be able to carry out the routine activities because of the severe pain and may find it very difficult to bear the pain.

There can be many causes for extreme stomach pain. Some of them are gastroenteritis, appendicitis, and hernia, adhesions related to surgery, sickle cell disease, abdominal angina, peptic ulcer, lactose intolerance, hepatitis and kidney stones. Some times the pain can also be caused due to some kind of stomach flu, some indigestion and also by some food poisoning.

Most of these causes can be treated and one need not be too worried about it. However when extreme pain in the stomach is also accompanied with nausea, vomiting and fever, then one needs to consult a doctor immediately. In some cases, such a condition may also require surgical intervention. Some times some kind of trauma to the stomach, bowel, spleen, kidney or liver can also cause extreme pain in the stomach. Sometimes colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease may also lead to such extreme pains.

Hence, it is vital, that extreme stomach pain is reported to a doctor and is thoroughly investigated so that a proper course of treatment can be started so as to provide relief to the patient at the earliest and to prevent the disease from spreading further. Tests like urinanalysis, blood test, ultrasound, X-ray etc. can easily reveal the cause of the pain, thereby helping in effective treatment of the same.

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Causes Of Extreme Stomach Pain




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