Aspirin Paste For Toothache  

Most of the home remedies are aimed at getting rid of toothache before approaching a dentist. But if the toothache is lot more painful, then it indicates a serious dental problem for which a dental treatment becomes a necessity. This means one of those worst nightmares.

Seeing a dentist could be an ultimate thing. But until then there are few steps that can help resolve and help in relieving the pain from causing more damage. Dabbing a little amount of clove oil on cotton and holding it directly to the painful tooth or gum area is something that has been followed since years. But clove oil should be kept away from touching the tongue as it has an unpleasant flavor that not every one prefers.  

It has always been observed that though a dentist appointment is unavoidable, people prefer to get the pain relieved with some homely treatments initially and try to skip the appointment, if possible. One such treatment is crushing an aspirin or baby aspirin to a fine power and make a thick paste out of it. This paste is applied to the aching tooth and surrounding gum area to get the relief.

Although there are groups of people who feel that applying aspirin directly on the gums may burn its tissues, these are the products marketed specially for this purposes. It happens to be quite an old remedy. While some swallow aspirin as a pain-relieving tablet, others crush them and make a paste to apply on the affected area. No doubt it tastes bad!

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Aspirin Paste For Toothache




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