Pressure Points To Relieve Toothache  

Long before modern pain management and dentists came into the scene, people have been using pressure points to relieve toothache. In fact, this practice is prevalent even today as acupressure. Here are some of the pressure points that you can press yourself to relieve toothache.

Pressure Points to Relieve Toothache:

  • Take the tip of your index finger and place in front of your ear hole. Now open your jaw and look for a gap that form and gently press the tip of your finger into that gap. You will get a tingling sensation in your jaw. This pressure point numbs the nerve on that side of the jaw which is responsible for causing the toothache.
  • Place your finger under your ear where the ear meets the head. This place is the gap behind the ear lobe. Now open your jaw and you will find the gap getting bigger. Gently press with the finger and be prepared to feel a numbing sensation in your ear and side of the head.
  • Use your finger to trace a line down your jaw bone. Stop when your finger is directly under the outside corner of your eye. Using gentle pressure, press the inside edge of the jaw upwards and outwards. This pressure point numbs the mouth.
  • Trace the underside of the cheek bone until you reach directly under the eyeball. Press this point inward and upward towards the cheek bone. This will numb nearly your entire face along with most of the upper jaw.
  • Move to your Achilles tendon and clasp it between two fingers and press gently. This pressure point for relieving toothache is unique as the attention gets diverted from the toothache to this area. 

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Pressure Points To Relieve Toothache




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