Pro And Con For Homosexual Parenting

Pro And Con For Homosexual Parenting

Can homosexuals be parents is a much debated topic and there are answers that seem ethical on both the sides of the coin? That is because everyone is thinking about the homosexual couples and not the child.

Taking the child into perspective anyone can say that it is a completely unethical thing to let them have children.

Gay couples are more capable of forming emotionally stronger relationships and can offer emotional stability at home for children the negative side of this is though the child can get an emotional stable relationship; the child still does not have a normal life in terms of parents. Having parents of the same sex is not normal.

Today there are many children who are raised by single parents and face several disadvantages so gays can be given a chance if they can give many advantages. The con of this is single parent is still accepted in the society but a gay couple can only offer social stigma to the child.

Lesbian couples have children anyway through artificial insemination so why not gays? Well the con for this is women are much better at handling kids and very few men have that capability. Even lesbian women can have detrimental effects on the child’s psyche.

The child needs a stable environment to grow up and more than that they need a normal environment and not something new that they have to start learning to adjust. How will a girl child will ever be normal where both her parents are men and how will a boy be normal when both his parents are women? Ethically it is not right for the child to be involved in gay relationships.

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Pro And Con For Homosexual Parenting