How Has Carl Rogers Impacted The Child Psychology ?

How Has Carl Rogers Impacted The Child Psychology ?

Carl Rogers was born on January 8, 1902 in Illinois. He is considered second to none other than Sigmund Freud for his contributions to the field of human psychology. He could understand human behavior very well from early years in life and he also later studied psychology at Teacher’s College.

When he and his family moved to New York he had an opportunity to work for the Socket for Prevention against Cruelty to Children as a psychologist. This was a breaking path in his career and he did study all his patients very closely. Through out his learning and working years Carl Rogers learnt a great deal about children and their behavior in various circumstances. His contributions to the Child Psychology field are considered as immense value.

The very advice of being empathetic and understanding towards a child while counseling has been keyed in as the values of child psychology and this also comes from his experience. In his life time Carl Rogers successfully published more than three hundred articles on and 15 books about psychology. All his books have had major impact on psychiatrists and the department of psychology. He has been instrumental in developing several guidelines for psychiatrists to understand the various aspects of human behavior. His approach of being person centered was well received and many people try and follow his footsteps in the field of psychology. He also organized intercultural groups and studied their behavior. He was also interested in world peace issues and tried to counsel the people centric approach for solving the problems in the world.

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How Has Carl Rogers Impacted The Child Psychology