When Toilet Training Problems Indicate A Larger Problem ?

When Toilet Training Problems Indicate A Larger Problem ?

Most kids start toilet training only when they are three years old and they are completely toilet trained by four or five. At this age, children are also able to control their bladder and wait until they get to the bathroom.

However, children who do not get toilet trained by five might have a problem of serious nature and more often it may not be related to any emotional or physical problems.

The condition may be called enuresis, which is a delay in the development of the bladder and maturation. This happens more in girls than boys. Sometimes, it can be an early symptom of a more serious underlying problem and also leads to bedwetting rarely.

When you suspect a bigger problem with your child’s toilet training habits you should look for other symptoms as well. Some of them are involuntary urination which is the most common symptom for parents to identify. Bed wetting too frequently could also be an underlying symptom and if it occurs twice or more in a month then you should probably see a doctor. When you visit the doctor with your child there may be a physical examination and the doctor may look for physical causes. If they are ruled out, then the doctor might request for a urinalysis for further evaluation. Also, when the diagnosis is not clear there may be a need for an X-ray of the kidneys and bladders. It is also wise for the children to wait and see if the problem goes away before they start worrying too much.

Toilet training problems usually do not last very long and tend to get corrected on their own.

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When Toilet Training Problems Indicate A Larger Problem