Ideas For Sunday School Teachers Of Preschoolers

Ideas For Sunday School Teachers Of Preschoolers

Some preschool kids have to attend Sunday schools for some reason and it may be the perfect thing for them to do. However, for the teacher it is going to be a lot more difficult to handle the children on a Sunday because all kids know it is a weekend so they expect something special.

Here are some novel ideas for a teacher at the Sunday school to keep the children busy.

Play doh and the cookie cutters: If you just give the toddlers play doh and cookie cutters and a list of instructions, they will not be happy about it and only end up messing. The best thing to do would be to play a pretend baking day. Say you are all going to bake some cookies and even sing the “pat a cake” song while baking the play do cookies. Kids would love it and at the end of the game you could give them some real cookies to eat.

Play dress up: Inform the parents that the kids are going to play dress up so have them get their favorite attire. You can all dress up in your favorite characters and each child can show what they have dressed up as.

Playing with bubbles: All kids love bubbles and it is actually very difficult to get them to stop playing with them. You can teach them to make their own mild soap solution and make bubbles out of that.

There are hundreds of games available on the internet for Sunday activities and most of them even help the children in developing their skills.

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Ideas For Sunday School Teachers Of Preschoolers