Toddler Hearing Problems

Toddler Hearing Problems

Babies or toddlers under the age of two are very delicate and if they have a problem it is very difficult to tell. Ear and eye problems are extremely difficult to tell in babies and toddlers.

However, parents have o be very careful by evaluating their children on a regular basis for problems with ear and eyes so that they can take immediate remedies.

Hearing is critical for the cognitive development and language development in a child. Any kind of hearing loss like mild or partial can have severe affects in the child’s ability to converse and understand language. However, if the hearing problems are evaluated very early in life then they can be corrected with the help of therapists.

There are several causes of hearing problems in children and anything from genetic problems to premature birth or alcohol abuse can give rise to the problem. There are some symptoms of hearing problems in children which the parents can use to suspect if there is a problem. However, hearing problems in young infants and new born cannot be diagnosed that easily.

If your child does not respond to his or her name repeatedly, then it could mean something. The child recognizes the mother but does not pay attention to her while she is talking can mean a problem. All babies above the six months of age are very attentive to their others.

The baby does not turn and look at loud noises.

The baby does not smile and completely ignores people.

The baby is never trying to babble or imitate speech. And, if the child does not even babble by the age of 18 months, then it could mean a severe hearing problem.

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Toddler Hearing Problems