Why Read To Toddlers ?

Why Read To Toddlers ?

Reading stimulates the brain of young children and it has been proven through many experiments.

A lot of psychologists agree that parents who read to their children are doing the best thing because it has immense benefits in terms of cognitive skills and language development.

Reading to toddlers has several benefits and some of them are as follows:

Reading helps the child to grasp different rhythms and sounds in the language. It also sometimes introduces them to different kinds of language.

It has been noted that children in preschool level if exposed to reading classes of different languages and literature, tend to do well academically in the school.

Reading also exposes children to different ideas and concepts which otherwise they may not come across while talking to their parents and others.

Reading helps to bond with your child and they will look forward to spending that time with you.

Reading is also a calming experience for both the parent and the child.

However, parents should ensure that reading is not forced upon the child and it is not work. They should make it a fun activity and also try to read stories that have educational value. Children who are read to by their parents speak much better and they are also more creative than the children who are not read to. This has been observed through story telling sessions held at pre school level. Children also benefit by developing their cognitive skills and they have a bigger vocabulary than children who are not read to. Reading in the library can be fun for both children and their parents.

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Why Read To Toddlers