How Pregnancy Effects Teens ?

How Pregnancy Effects Teens ?

Teenage pregnancy has many side effects. There are many different situations, voluntary or involuntary, where a teenage girl may become pregnant. It could be because of long-term dating relationships or when hooking up or even as a result of a rape. Nonetheless, an unplanned teen pregnancy is not easy.

Besides deciding on whether to have the baby or to abort it, due consideration has to be given to the fact that it is both the teenager's body as well as the lifestyle that is affected as the child grows.

Moreover a pregnant teenager may not gain adequate weight during pregnancy due to which the child may be born with low weight, thus leading to lower immunity and various childhood disorders.

A teenager needs to consider the after effects of developing baby as it is sure to affect the physical activities. Pregnancy in teens affects the daily casual life like drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and untimely and unhealthy eating patterns. Clothing choices and ability to safely participate in sports are affected with the physical changes that take place during a course of the pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy has a large number of negative effects on teenagers. It has been proved by research studies that the major effect is the social stigma attached to the pregnancy. However, the most important effect of teenage pregnancy is the danger to the teenager’s life as her body is not developed enough to take on the rigors of motherhood. Besides this, teenage pregnancy makes it difficult for the girl to continue with her education. It affects the academic performance. Due to lack of education or required skill, finding a regular source of income becomes difficult. Also, the children of teenager parents are less likely to receive proper nutrition, leave aside proper education.

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How Pregnancy Effects Teens