Is Brown Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy ?

Is Brown Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy ?

Brown discharge or spotting is definitely a symptom of pregnancy, but very few actually have it. It is quite normal for the body to throw out older blood remains in the latter part of the first trimester. The brown discharge is, thus, considered to be a perfectly normal reaction of the body.

So, the best way to make sure about everything is all right with the mother and developing fetus is to get a check up and tests done by an obstetrician. One should not get worked up during pregnancy; otherwise the complications will be more.

Brown spotting during the early stage of pregnancy is supposedly normal. It could result due to implantation bleeding. This occurs usually a fortnight after conception or after a month since the last menstrual period. To put the mind at rest, one could get the HCG levels tested to check if the baby is growing normally. So, none of these reasons should lead to a panic situation.

Sometimes a woman may be having a healthy pregnancy and still having brown discharge and the doctors may not be able to explain why it is happening. As long as the brown spotting is not accompanied by any odor or cramping, it is okay and nothing to worry about. Though spotting or brown discharge is common in pregnancy, it can also be an indicator of threatened miscarriage. Hence, the moment one sees some brown spotting, it is better to speak to the doctor and get the relevant tests done so that all fears are laid to rest. And even if there is anything wrong, it is dealt with at the earliest.

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Is Brown Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy