Is Abortion Another Form Of Contraception ?

Is Abortion Another Form Of Contraception ?

This has been a very sensitive topic in the United States and there are two groups fighting at two ends of the spectrum; one is the pro life that is anti abortion and the other is the pro choice, which gives the person the choice to abort.

The first thing that people should realize is that abortion is not another form of contraception to start with. Many pregnancies are the result of not using proper contraception and that is how people end up with unwanted pregnancies. Especially this happens in the case of young women and teenagers. People who choose abortion end up choosing for different reasons like social pressure because they are unmarried, financial pressure in which they cannot support another child, and sometimes not being prepared for motherhood. All these reasons make the woman want to abort.

People who fight for pro-life say that abortion is being used as another form of contraception which is not true. No woman likes to go through it in reality. Abortion is a painful process and often involves anesthesia and minor surgeries most of the time. There various kinds of abortion like abortion through pills, abortion using surgery. These procedures are painful and have a lot of side effects on the woman’s health.

There is another argument that contraception is another form of abortion which is not true. There are some pills called the morning after pills which prevent a pregnancy if taken within 72 hours after an intercourse might stop pregnancy. These pills are just contraception which prevents a person from getting pregnant.

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Is Abortion Another Form Of Contraception