Reasons Against Abortion  

There are several reasons to support the anti-abortionists and why people should not go for it. The pro-life organization strictly works against abortions and counsels pregnant women not to do it. Here are some reasons against abortion that are informed to women who are contemplating abortion.

Life of a baby begins the day the mother conceives and abortion is equivalent to murder. It is like deciding for another human’s life and whether he or she should live or not.  No law in the world allows one person to take the life of another willfully and abortion is equivalent to that. There are more viable and sensible options to abortion like adoption. People who do not want to bring up a child can give it up for adoption. At least that way a child gets the chance to live and also find a loving home. There is never an unwanted child in this world and every child is as precious. These are some ethical reasons why abortion should not be allowed.

Other complications of abortion are that the woman might become infertile and there are several more complications while the abortion procedure and after the procedure. The general anesthetics given to the patient at the time of the procedure can be extremely harmful if something goes wrong to the extent that they can damage the uterus and even cause death sometimes. There are also chances of pelvic inflammatory diseases. Abortions are still considered unethical in cases of rape victims and are looked upon like punishing an unborn child who is not at fault at all.

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Reasons Against Abortion





When-Did-Abortion-Become-Legal      Abortion was first legalized in the United States on January 22 of 1973. Before this law was passed, abortion was not legal in al the 50 States of America. Only States that allowed abortion were New York, and California at that point of time. This rule was passed to safeguard the rights to privacy and discretion of an individual. More..




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