When Did Abortion Become Legal ?

When Did Abortion Become Legal ?

Abortion was first legalized in the United States on January 22 of 1973. Before this law was passed, abortion was not legal in al the 50 States of America.

Only States that allowed abortion were New York, and California at that point of time. This rule was passed to safeguard the rights to privacy and discretion of an individual.

Across the United States there are several groups which fight against this law even today. There has been pressure on the government ever since to ban abortion and pass the right for life of a baby. The active groups call themselves pro-life which means that they do not want any babies being killed through the practice of abortion.

There have been cases in the American judiciary where women have fought for the right to abort. The most popular cases have been Roe V. Wade and the Doe V. Bolton case. Through these cases the court extended the right to abort throughout the nine months of pregnancy. However, the medical practice shuns the practice of aborting a baby after the 3rd month of pregnancy because it could be very dangerous for the mother. The chances of infertility and even severe damage to the uterus functions were high if abortion is done after the third month of pregnancy. Keeping this in mind, gynecologists always encourage patients to keep the baby and not choose abortion. However, the state also imposed that it could restrict the abortion if it was proved that there were reasons to protect the child. Abortion would be allowed keeping view the health and well being of the mother.

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When Did Abortion Become Legal