How Long Will Milk Come Out Of You Breast ?

How Long Will Milk Come Out Of You Breast ?

There is no specific time as to when the breast milk will dry up in a woman and it may even take years to dry up completely. It could even take much longer after the baby stops feeding with the mother. As long as a baby keeps feeding on the mother’s milk, the breasts also work towards producing adequate milk for the baby.

The best way to observe the pattern of milk drying up in feeding mothers is to watch the weaning process closely. The process of weaning takes place when the mother starts substituting formula or solids instead of breast milk. If the baby is fed solids in the morning instead of regular breast milk the baby would stop feeding with the mother in the morning. After three or four days the breasts automatically stop producing milk at that time. It may hurt the first few days at that time because the milk is not being expressed. In spite of expressing the milk it still dries up eventually because of the irregularities while expressing milk.

Finally by the baby is 18 months or 2 years old they become extremely independent and will not want to be breast fed anymore. At that time the breasts also almost stop producing milk. The woman’s breast also will not hurt to that extent because the baby has stopped completely. Sooner or later the milk stops coming completely and it cannot be noticed anymore. It is a gradual process that stops the breast milk production and there is no stipulated time to stop the production.

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How Long Will Milk Come Out Of You Breast