Is Leaking Breast Milk A Sign Of Pregnancy ?  

There could be several reasons why there is liquid coming out of the breast when a woman is not pregnant. It may not be breast milk but a whitish substance, which looks like breast milk.

This could mean possible infections also. If a woman is not pregnant and has no reason for breast milk production, then she should get herself checked by a doctor.

Breast milk production starts only late in pregnancy and by then everyone will know their pregnancy status. However, every woman is different and in case they are in doubt that they could be pregnant, then it is best to rule it out using a pregnancy test.

The discharge from the breasts could be due to several reasons like a yeast or bacterial infection. When there are excessive levels of prolactin, an enzyme responsible for breast milk, this could happen. However, for prolactin levels to increase in the body, a woman should be pregnant. There are no other reasons for prolactin levels to increase in the body.

A breast infection could secrete some kind of whitish substance and usually yeast infections have this quality. It is possible that the woman may have some infection and if she has no reason to be pregnant then the wisest thing to do is to rule out an infection by having some tests done. Also a woman who has already been pregnant and has stopped nursing the baby recently could still have breast milk coming out. It takes some time for the breast milk to dry up completely.

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Is Leaking Breast Milk A Sign Of Pregnancy




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Is Leaking Breast Milk A Sign Of Pregnancy ? )
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