What Does It Mean When Milk Is In Your Breast ?

What Does It Mean When Milk Is In Your Breast ?

Breast milk is produced because the pituitary gland produces an enzyme called prolactin, which causes the breasts to produce milk in pregnant women.

This enzyme is produced in a woman’s body only when she is pregnant. However, breast milk production starts in a woman’s body much later in the pregnancy cycle and until then there should be no signs of milk leakage from the breast.

So when a woman finds breast milk in her body the first logical thing to do is to check for pregnancy and take a pregnancy test either with the doctor or at home. If it is not pregnancy, then further diagnosis is required to look into the reasons of lactation.

If a woman has milk in her breast even after she stops breast feeding, then this situation is considered normal. Breast milk producing hormones take a long time to stop and the pituitary gland continues producing this enzyme for a long time after child birth. However, the production of this enzyme depends a lot on the circumstances of the child feeding with the mother. The enzyme production comes to a gradual stop after the baby stops feeding with the mother.

Many women tend to think that they are pregnant again because there is still milk in the breast. This assumption is mostly wrong because it takes time for the woman’s body to gradually stop the milk production and it does not mean that the woman can be pregnant again. However, if there are other accompanying symptoms of pregnancy like missed periods, nausea or early pregnancy feelings, then they should consult a doctor about pregnancy.

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What Does It Mean When Milk Is In Your Breast