Should A C Section Scar Get Infected After Many Years ?

Should A C Section Scar Get Infected After Many Years ?

Once a C section scar heals completely there is no possibility of it getting infected again after several years. Unless there has been some other surgery or incision made at the same place which could be causing the infection.

The abdominal scars in some women have found to be causing them back pain because of the stretched skin even after several years of surgery.

The side effects of a C section can crop up after several years of surgery. In some women the C section scar gradually disappears after several years. Doctors who perform C section surgeries in the woman always ensure that the patient has completely healed and the wound from the incision is completely safe.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the abdominal area where the incision has been made is a little more vulnerable than the skin in other areas. Skin does not have the quality to recover completely after a surgery and that is why scars appear. If the patient has undergone any other surgery at the same site of the C section even after several years, then she is likely to have an infection in that area. It only increases the possibilities because the skin is already tender and vulnerable in that area. After a C section when a scar appears it usually makes the skin pull tighter and the skin cells lose their formation due to this. The healing property of the skin in that area is reduced that causes infections but only if there has been another incision. This could happen if the woman has a second child through C section delivery.

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Should A C Section Scar Get Infected After Many Years