Surgery For Ectopic Pregnancy

Surgery For Ectopic Pregnancy

The quickest treatment for ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy is removal of the section of the fallopian tube where the pregnancy is planted.

If the pregnancy has already passed 6 weeks of time, or if there is internal bleeding, surgery will be the only option for the treatment of the ectopic pregnancy.Laparoscopy is used for the surgery for ectopic pregnancy. In this procedure just a small incision is made, and the developing fetus is removed. This procdure also allows the woman to recover faster than a normal surgical procedure.
For the removal of ectopic pregnancy from the fallopian tube, there are two types of surgeries. They are salpigostomy and salingectomy.

When the embryo is smaller than two centimeters, fallopian tube is cut lengthwise, and the ectopic growth is removed. The cut is either left for it to close itself, or stitched. This is known as salpingostomy.

If the fallopian tube is stretched due to pregnancy and even may get ruptured, a segment of it is removed and the left over fallopian tube may be reconnected. It is called salingectomy.

Both these surgical procedures are done by using laparoscope. For abdominal ectopic pregnancy, surgery is done by using laparoscopy. In it, a larger abdominal opening is made. If one of the fallopian tubes is healthy, there will not any problem for the future pregnancy.

If there is ruptured pregnancy, emergency surgery is needed. There are prominent risk factors for ectopic pregnancy, even for its recurrence, like smoking and use of assisted reproductive technology.

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Surgery For Ectopic Pregnancy