Treatments For Ectopic Pregnancy

Treatments For Ectopic Pregnancy

For a layperson, ectopic pregnancy means only a ruptured and damaged fallopian tube. It means and presupposes surgery.

It may be correct for many cases, particularly if it is not checked for longer period. However, not all ectopic pregnancies are emergency cases and do not need surgery.The stress is on early detection. If it is detected early, treatments other than surgery are possible. It will be of much use to know what doctors do at various stages in case of ectopic pregnancy.

Even though hCG level is below a certain limit, if there is no risk of imminent rupture, a medicine called methotrexate is prescribed. It stops the rapidly occurring cells multiplication. Hence, the drug is also used for chemotherapy, treatment for cancer.

Methotrexate is found to be a very affective in the treatment of early ectopic pregnancy. It can cut down the necessity of surgery by 90 percent. For it, the doctors will be vigilant about the patient’s hCG levels to confirm that ectopic pregnancy is not developing.

If the HCG levels continue to drop further without arrest and cause apprehension of rupture, or if already ruptured, then surgery is needed. When a choice is offered, some women even prefer to under surgery.

In the surgery, pregnancy tissue is removed from the fallopian tube. For this procedure laparoscopy is used. If fallopian tube is irreparable, then it is removed. However, these women have a chance of getting an ectopic pregnancy again. Hence, it is a must for them, during their subsequent pregnancy, to be monitored by a doctor.

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Treatments For Ectopic Pregnancy