What Is Ectopic Pregnancy ?

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy ?

Ectopic pregnancy is a rare phenomenon in which a fertilized egg instead of getting transplanted in the uterus, settles outside it.

In most of the ectopic pregnancy cases, the transplantation of the fertilized egg is in the fallopian tube. But the fertilized egg getting settled in other places like ovary, cervix, and abdominal cavity also happens.Rupture and internal bleeding are the main health risks of ectopic pregnancy. The mortality rate for ectopic pregnancy patients in the 19th century was more than 50 percent. When safe surgical procedures were developed, mortality rate dropped to 5 percent.

As early detection methods were improved, the mortality rate further dropped to less than one in 10,000. However, the rate of ectopic pregnancy has been steadily increasing. It is only due to the negligence of early medical surveillance. Hence, in pregnancy related causalities, ectopic pregnancy takes major chunk.

There are certain risk factors for women to get ectopic pregnancy. But even in the absence of them, women can get ectopic pregnancy. The first risk factor is previous ectopic pregnancy. The rate of recurrence after the first one is 15 percent, and after the second one is 30 percent. Disruption in the normal condition of the fallopian tube is the cardinal risk factor, including previous surgery. Pelvic infection is another risk factor. The cilia of the fallopian tubes are necessary for the egg to be carried smoothly to the uterus. These cilia get damaged by the infection. Then the function of egg carrying is marred by which the egg settles in fallopian tube or anywhere outside the uterus. This may be sole reason for the prevalence of ectopic pregnancy.

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What Is Ectopic Pregnancy