Crps And Fertility

CRPS And Fertility

CRPS stands for complex regional pain syndrome, which is identified by the pain experienced in an isolated part of the body. The symptoms of CRPS vary from person to person depending on the causes for it. The complex regional pain syndrome usually involves a leg or an arm and the patient could experience severe pain in these areas.

This could be caused due to an injury in the area which has a bearing on the syndrome. The pain can be identified when the person experiences an extreme burning, throbbing sensation or a tingling sensation in the area. However, the complex regional pain syndrome can actually affect any part of the body in both men and women.

If a person experiences constant pain in on particular area of the body repeatedly, he or she should see a general physician to find the cause for it. In some women the complex regional pain syndrome is experienced in the abdomen area. This syndrome in women is also confused with kidney stones and a uterus scan would reveal the status. However, it is not possible to identify the CRPS though a uterus scan and it is identified only through the symptoms.

          Doctors connect CRPS and fertility for the simple reason that many women who are infertile also suffer from CRPS in many cases. However, direct connection between CRPS and fertility has not been established and the research for it is inconclusive. There is no reason identified as to why women should go through this pain when they cannot have babies.

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Crps And Fertility