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Fertility problems in women have been increasing year after year steadily and there are several methods to overcome fertility issues medically. Many couples planning to have a baby experience problems with fertility. In some cases it could be low sperm count in a man and in some cases it could be a problem with the woman’s uterus. More...


Chinese Fertility Calendar

Chinese Fertility Calendar

The Chinese fertility calendar was written by a Chinese expert about 700 years ago. The Chinese fertility calendar predicts the sex of the baby based on the month of conception and the age of the mother at the time of conception. These values are calculated using the lunar calendar and not the regular Gregorian calendar.

There are many calendars available on the internet and most of them reveal the sex of the baby. However, it is very difficult to understand how these calculations are made based on the lunar calendar. More...


CRPS And Fertility

Crps And Fertility

CRPS stands for complex regional pain syndrome, which is identified by the pain experienced in an isolated part of the body. The symptoms of CRPS vary from person to person depending on the causes for it. The complex regional pain syndrome usually involves a leg or an arm and the patient could experience severe pain in these areas.

This could be caused due to an injury in the area which has a bearing on the syndrome. The pain can be identified when the person experiences an extreme burning, throbbing sensation or a tingling sensation in the area. However, the complex regional pain syndrome can actually affect any part of the body in both men and women. More...