Can You Fly During First Trimester ?

Can You Fly During First Trimester ? ?

Many working women are unsure whether they can fly in an airplane during their pregnancy in the first, second and third trimester. Many doctors allow women to fly in an airplane during their first trimester and the second trimester but ask them to avoid traveling in the third trimester because of the air pressure in a plane.

Unless there are some concerns and health conditions in pregnant women which may get worse with flying the doctors usually do not stop women from flying during the first trimester. The only general restriction is that women should not fly after the 36th week of their pregnancy. Airlines also have their specific instructions about pregnant women flying. Some airlines restrict pregnant women from flying during the eighth month. It depends on the risks the pregnant woman is facing by flying at that point of time which determines the safety in flying.

Women who have pre-existing conditions like diabetes are not allowed to fly during their pregnancy. This also applies to women who have placenta abnormalities, hypertension and women at high risk of premature deliveries. Doctors are the best people to determine whether the woman is fit to fly during the first trimester or not. However, flying because of the altitude can make a person sick and if the pregnant woman is experiencing nausea or morning sickness these symptoms might double while flying. Otherwise flying in the first trimester for normal pregnant women is considered safe. Before booking the tickets, it is best to consult your doctor.

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Can You Fly During First Trimester