How Safe Is Tylenol In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy ? ?  

It is normal for women to fall sick during pregnancy and they are just like any other normal person and susceptible to various illnesses. However, there are some restrictions on what medicines pregnant women can take during their pregnancy and they cannot pop all kinds of pills.

There are some medicines that are considered safe for pregnant women and some are unsafe for the fetus. For example, aspirin can be dangerous for the fetus as it causes Reye’s syndrome in babies. So pregnant women should be well informed about the medicines they can take during pregnancy and also, they should talk to their doctor when they are sick. Especially during their first trimester women have to be all the more careful because the fetus is very delicate at this point.

If a certain prescription medicine worked before getting pregnant for a common cold or cough there is no rule that you can continue with it during pregnancy. Pregnant women should also avoid over the counter medications when they are pregnant and should always consult their doctor. The same goes for Tylenol also. Tylenol is usually considered to be effective for fevers and chills and normal people take it as it has the least amount of side effects.

Tylenol is an acetaminophen based drug and works for many people. Pregnant women can take it provided their doctor asks them to. Many pregnant women are actually advised to take Tylenol when they are running temperature as it is safe. However, the dosage should not be more than 650 mg every 4 hours or whatever is prescribed by the doctor.

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How Safe Is Tylenol In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy





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How Safe Is Tylenol In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy ? )
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