Sleeping On Your Stomach During You First Trimester  

As a woman advances in her pregnancy she may find it very difficult to sleep at nights because of the size of her body.

Many women have the habit of sleeping on their stomach and this might not possible while they are pregnant. During the first trimester, which is the first three months of pregnancy, the body does not go through many physiological changes and the woman’s stomach does not protrude to that extent. However, sleeping on the stomach at this point of time is harmless to the fetus.

The fetus during the first trimester is carefully latched to the uterus walls and nothing really can happen to it and least of all not by sleeping on the stomach. The fetus is too small to undergo any damages due to the woman’s sleeping position at that point of time. However, sleeping on your stomach during your first trimester could be uncomfortable for you because your breasts will be tender.

Sleeping on the belly could become an issue when the woman is in the second trimester because she will have a fairly large belly and the baby also starts moving by then. It almost becomes impossible for her to sleep on the stomach. However, to find your own comfortable position during this period is bit difficult and that is what causes sleepless nights other than the belching and gas. The woman is also advised not to sleep on the back for too long because she may end up with back aches. A side position is the best for a pregnant woman and it is also good for the fetus as the blood supply to the heart and the fetus is improved in this position.

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Sleeping On Your Stomach During You First Trimester





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Sleeping On Your Stomach During You First Trimester )
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