What Happens In 25 To 28 Weeks In The Third Trimester ?

What Happens In 25 To 28 Weeks In The Third Trimester ?

Being a mother is the most gratifying and miraculous experience bestowed on a woman by the Almighty. During the nine long months that a mother carries the unborn in her womb, each day brings along a new experience. Every week unfolds a new development in the fetus and the expecting mother.

Clinically the period of gestation in a woman is segregated into three semesters, each being of three months. At the onset of the third semester, the body contour certainly reveals the coming of a newborn as the baby starts accumulating some meat. During the 25th week of pregnancy, the growth in the size of the uterus starts exerting pressure on the back and pelvis of the mother to be. This sometimes causes pain in the legs or lower back. The severity of these pains increase for some women with the progression of pregnancy. The baby by now is approximately one and half pounds and less than 9 inches long, the length and weight varying in individual cases. The most significant change in this week is the formation of the structure that develops into the spine. The nostrils take shape and open up by the end of the week. The development of the blood vessels in the lungs continues further during this time.

Adding on fat to the bones, the baby reaches about 2 pounds and 9 to10 inches during pregnancy week 26. In addition to organ maturation throughout the body, the baby's nerve pathways in the ears develop during this time, which allows the baby to respond to sounds more consistently. This is a good time for expecting parents to familiarize their unborn child with their voices and venture into reading or listening to relaxing music. The growth of the heart and breathing in the amniotic fluid continues and in most cases, one can hear the heartbeat of the child through a stethoscope placed on the stomach of the mother. For the male fetus, this week is important as it marks the descent of the testicles into the scrotum.

By the 27th week, the baby looks like a tiny human being, with its length now almost reaching 15 inches. In fact, this tiny one can probably see by now! Till this week, the baby’s eyelids are fused but during this week, the retina begins to mature and sight develops. The baby and the mother continue accumulating weight and the uterus keeps moving up, by now almost 2.8 inches above the belly button.

In the next week, that is the 28th week of motherhood; the baby’s brain matures and forms grooves. Possibly, the scalp may show the growth of hair as well. The eyes of this roughly 15.75 inches and two and a half pound baby will now be protected with nascent eyelashes. As for the mother, she too would be steadily gaining pounds. 

Each week of pregnancy brings in its wake the child’s physiological development but above all, it builds dreams and hopes in the mother’s heart for an unborn that she yearns to nurture with her unconditional love.

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What Happens In 25 To 28 Weeks In The Third Trimester