Case Studies Of Abnormal Psychology  

Case studies of abnormal psychology are extremely important when it comes to bringing the theory of abnormal psychology into the harsh complexity of real life. Case studies allow practicing psychotherapists and clinicians to explore the psychopathologies and different types of patients.

This in turn shows how mental illnesses and disorders affect a patient in real life.

The fact that case studies of abnormal psychology are based on actual clients, or patients, allows a clinician to study the entire spectrum of the disorder present in each client. They get to see the disorder right from the symptoms to treatment to the cure. Practicing clinicians are get a lot of insight into various mental disorders in this manner.

For all case studies, the clinician needs to know the complete background of the patient. Detailed questions are asked as to when the symptoms first appeared; were there any signs of remission of symptoms; if yes, for how long; what does the patient feel each time the symptoms appear; are the symptoms present constantly or the patient suffers from periodic episodes etc. Getting the complete medical history of the patient gives clearer perspective to the clinician. In addition, questions are asked about family background, education, work etc as it allows the therapist to understand the patient better.

Once the therapist has all the details about the illness and the patient's personal life, he needs to come to a diagnostic conclusion about the mental disorder as the treatment will depend on this. All along, the clinician keeps meticulous records so that the case study can be presented to other experts and students of psychology to further their knowledge. In complicated cases, the clinician may bring other qualified therapists on board to get their opinion and insight into the mental disorder or illness.

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Case Studies Of Abnormal Psychology




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