Case Studies On Students Who Use Assistive Technology  

Assistive technology can be used by anyone actually and its usage is not limited to physically handicapped or the mentally disabled alone. Any person who does not know the medium or the way to perform a certain function can actually use assistive technology devices.

These days the concept of assistive technology is already being introduced to even normal children so that they learn and understand why they are used and how they can be used. This understanding will actually help them to face their future in a better way.

Students who use the assistive technology devices understand how the assistive devices can help an individual with disabilities and how they can improve the quality of life. Also, it has been witnessed through several case studies performed on children with various disorders on how assistive device is actually helping them. It was observed that in order to use assistive technology, one should have basic knowledge and the device can help to enhance the knowledge.

It is mainly used to enhance the skills that are already present in the person. Students were mainly using assistive technology to complete tasks from school and other standard needs. When they are using the assistive devices, they are actually at par with the physically or mentally disabled person. Based on this, their performance was evaluated and it was actually noticed that the handicapped children and the normal children performed at the same level. Case studies like this also help us understand the cognitive levels of different children.

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Case Studies On Students Who Use Assistive Technology




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Case Studies On Students Who Use Assistive Technology )
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