Dogs And Assistive Walking Devices  

Pets are great to have and mostly they help people who are old or physically disabled in many ways. However, pets can be dangerous for a person who is already using an assistive device. For example, a person who uses a walking stick and also is walking their dog is highly prone to a fall.

Pets can come in the way of the legs and the walking stick and cause their master to fall easily. Dogs are not trained to be wary of the walking stick. However, it is very important that they know what it is. Also, for a person who is walking their dog, he or she can be highly prone to a fall because dogs tend to pull when they get excited seeing another dog or animal. No matter how well the dog is trained, there will be one or two instances which can make them pull causing the person walking the dog to lose his or her balance.

Assistive walking stick is a newly designed stick that prevents falls and is very useful for people with pets. It is called the dog deterrent stick. The stick has wide base which provides a good grip for the person who is using it. When a person is about to fall the stick remains steady and also provides support and this prevents the person from falling. In addition, the stick comes with sensors that can detect pets coming too close and send of a warning signal in low frequency so that the dog is warned before hand. The stick also alerts the user through vibration or sound if a pet comes close enough to cause a fall.

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Dogs And Assistive Walking Devices




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