Maintenance Guidelines For Adaptive Equipment

Maintenance Guidelines For Adaptive Equipment

Most adaptive equipment is automatic and they are either powered by battery or electricity. This equipment based on their nature is usually made to last long and also to be safely used. However, like any other electronic gizmo or gadget even these devices need to be maintained on a regular basis.

If a person does not maintain it regularly, then they will have to discard it very soon. Another danger of not maintaining adaptive equipment is that it might stop functioning abruptly or cause injury to the person using it by malfunctioning. After the warranty period, all adaptive devices have to be maintained on a regular basis.

Here are some tips that will help to maintain the adaptive device in a better way.

Keep all the warranty period and coverage sheets in one single box so that you know where exactly to look for them in case of repairs. A warranty period does not guarantee the perfect functioning of the device and only you can do that. However, it allows you to claim the damages if in the warranty period

Pay attention to the device and any kind of difficulty in operating it should be noted. It is okay if it is a small device like an alarm clock or a tin opener to let go. However, with a wheelchair or a security device, you need to be more careful. Any difficulty in operating should be immediately reported and for such equipment usually engineers make a house call.

When you make a complaint for the device, always make sure it has been attended to and also properly serviced. If possible, ask what the problem was exactly.

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Maintenance Guidelines For Adaptive Equipment