How Does An Audiometer Works ?

How Does An Audiometer Works ?

Before knowing how an audiometer works, one should know what an audiometer is used for. Audiometer is an equipment that is used to measure the level of hearing disability in a person. It was invented by a French scientist and it has been a great discovery in the field of ENT.

Before the audiometer was invented, it was impossible to tell if a person was partially deaf or completely deaf and if they have hearing loss in both the ears. However, after the audiometer has been discovered constant improvements have been made and today it is an advanced device capable of producing accurate results.

An audiometer is capable of producing several sounds at various frequencies. The hearing in a person is tested using these varying levels of frequency and it can be seen if a person can hear sound at a different frequency. In case it has been found through the audiogram that the person has not responded to any level of frequency, then it can be confirmed that they have complete hearing loss. Also, the audiometer can help to determine the level of hearing loss because if a person is able to hear low level frequency or high level frequency, then it might be a partial hearing loss.

Once a person has proper diagnosis of the impairment, appropriate treatment can be given in a more effective manner. Treatment of hearing loss is possible for people who have partial hearing loss. However, if there is complete hearing loss then hearing aids are recommended so that they can hear to some extent.

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How Does An Audiometer Works