Examples Of Mind Mapping  

There are hundreds of resources available on the Internet that are very good examples of mind maps. Most of the mind maps are hand drawn because it is a unique way of representing one’s ideas. However, there are several readymade computerized mind maps available too.

Nonetheless, the best mind map is something that you make yourself.

Mind map is an easy activity to learn and also fun. It is like creating a story or an outline for something specific in your mind. Some people believe that if you have a task ahead of you and you do not know how to achieve it, you should actually believe that the solution for it lies in your own head itself. However, bringing the solution to the current memory is not easy and sometimes never possible. Mind map helps the problem to be connected to the solution.

There are several books like the Mind Map Book and Mind Maps at work that help people to learn and also use mind maps. Some people may know how to make a mind map but may not be very good at it. These books also teach people how to use mind maps in different circumstances like school, home or at work. It basically uses drawings and artwork to make the map and people remember more clearly when they picture their ideas. Also, drawing and sketching are creative media, so they are better tools to use for mind mapping. Most people who are very good at mind mapping usually use drawing or coloring to make mind maps.

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Examples Of Mind Mapping




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