Embarrassing During Physical Exam Procedures  

Everybody goes through physical examination at some time or other. Many times physical exam is mandatory during school admissions or when one is interested in participating in sports activities. And, on those occasions a complete physical exam procedure is called for.

For a first timer it is going to be quite an experience. The individual is totally unprepared for the test and for what actually goes on during the course of the test. But there is no choice as the physical examination is compulsory. One does not know whether the doctor who is going to conduct the test is male or female, young or old, handsome or ugly. The individual may think over all such possibilities while mentally preparing for the physical. The person will also be worried that one has to be fully undressed and totally nude in front of complete stranger in order to have a physical examination.

The individual is not sure how the body is going to react when the doctor examines the body private parts. It is quite natural to be apprehensive about any sort of intimate examination. It usually means being seen without any clothes on and to be touched in private areas by a total stranger. One feels helpless and humiliated at the same time. The doctors also have been drummed in the medical school that an abdominal examination is incomplete without putting a finger into the back passage. If the doctor forgoes the test, he may miss vital clues regarding suspicious lumps or an enlarged prostate or hemorrhoids. Same thing holds good for a breast or genital examination.

The patient who undergoes the physical has to go through the embarrassment. Some times there may be interns who also may be present at the time of the physical and they may not be very much older than the patient and this will be all the more humiliating. 

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Embarrassing During Physical Exam Procedures




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Embarrassing During Physical Exam Procedures )
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