Medical Checkup With Elderly Patient

Medical Checkup With Elderly Patient

Nowadays the trend has shifted towards keep well and healthy. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their diet and get good exercise. This is also true for the elderly and that is why it is important for you to know, as an elderly, when you should go for medical checkup.

Medical checkup with elderly patient is basically detecting an illness early or trying to prevent an illness from occurring. Many medical problems like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol are routinely detected during a medical checkup. A medical checkup with elderly patient is the best time to give advice on managing stress, giving up smoking and losing weight.

Usually when an elderly patient goes for a medical checkup, the doctor will use this opportunity to educate the patient about the benefits of leading a healthy life and what he can do to pave way for this life.

Although there is no set rule when an elderly patient should go for a medical checkup, it is advised that you should go for one at least once a year and if you have any health problems, you should increase the frequency of the visits.

In a medical check with elderly patient, the doctor should first do some general inquiries wherein he will ask about how you are feeling, whether you have any problems and ask you about your medical history. Thereafter, he will do a thorough physical examination and if he detects something amiss, he will request for further investigations. The following items will be checked when you go for a medical checkup:

  • Blood pressure
  • Urine testing
  • Cholesterol level
  • Prostate checkups

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Medical Checkup With Elderly Patient