Physical Examination For Males

Physical Examination For Males

Physical examination for males consists of checking the body and its various functions using procedures like inspecting, palpation, listening and percussion. In addition, it includes collecting your medical history, details about your lifestyle, getting screened for diseases, and having laboratory tests.

Just like all the other checkups, physical examination for males will first start with the doctor observing your appearance, asking your general questions about your health and measuring your weight. Then the doctor will check your pulse, breathing, body temperature and blood pressure.

While you are sitting, the doctor will check your skin for lesions or abnormalities, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and pharynx, lymph nodes on the neck, spine and muscles of the back, and movements of the joints.

Then you will be asked to lie down on the examination table and the doctor will use a stethoscope to check your lungs and heart. The doctor may also use palpation and percussion to check the front of your chest and abdomen.

Physical examination for males always includes rectum and anus checking. Here the doctor will use a finger to conduct an internal examination and will then palpate the prostate gland for any abnormalities. You can also expect the doctor to inspect the reproductive organs for hernia and be prepared for the scrotum to be palpated.

Once your physical examination is over, the doctor will sit with you and review the results. He may request you to have some laboratory tests done and the results of these tests will also be discussed with you. Based on the physical examination for males and the laboratory tests, the doctor will then recommend treatment, if something is wrong, or advise you on when to come for your next check up.

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Physical Examination For Males