What Is High Neutrophils From Blood Test Result

What Is High Neutrophils From Blood Test Result?

Neutrophil granulocytes, more commonly known as neutrophils, are the most common type of white blood cells found in human beings. They form 50-70 percent of all white blood cells.

They are an essential part of the immune system. They are also the first immune cells that reach the site of infection through a process known as chemotaxis. They are present in the blood stream until they are directed to the infection site. They move fast and arrive at the infection site within an hour. They are the main component of pus and are responsible for its whitish color.

Neutrophils are phagocytes capable of ingesting microorganisms or particles. They can kill many microbes. They can quickly assemble at the site of an infection. Neutrophil count of 2.5-7.5 x109 /L is the standard normal range.

There are several reasons for an abnormally high neutrophil count. A neutrophil level of more than 8000 is considered to be high. This is an indication of high level of stress on the body. The factors responsible for high level of stress are nervousness, exercise or seizures. Another logical inference is the sudden infection from bacteria. Cases like burn injuries and heart attack can cause this.

Sudden kidney failure can cause a high neutrophil count. If there is difficulty in breaking down fat, acids and chemical substances known as ketones are produced in the body. This condition also can cause the neutrophil count to go high. If there is growth of cancer in any part of the body, this can also increase the neutrophil count.

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What Is High Neutrophils From Blood Test Result