How Far Back Do Medical Records Go

How Far Back Do Medical Records Go ?

Health information for an individual is scattered across many different providers and facilities. One can play an active role in his health care by gathering all the records from different sources and putting them together in a Personal Health Record (PHR) folder.

It has to be updated so that complete information is available in one place.

Individual’s own PHR gives a different perspective showing all the health related information in one place. One can include all the information that one thinks is important and that affects his health. It may even include information that his doctors also may not have such as dietary habits, exercise routine and glucose level for a diabetic.

A well maintained PHR can help you in avoiding duplicate procedures and processes and can save time and money. The information that one has gathered helps you to prepare for appointments. If possible one can go back in time and get as much as possible all the past records starting from his birth so that the PHR is complete in all respects.

A well kept PHR will help the individual to discuss knowledgeably regarding his health with healthcare providers. It can provide information to new care givers. It will be available during traveling. One can have access to his health records when Doctor’s office is closed. One can record progress towards specific health related goals. One can easily track appointments, vaccinations and other wellness healthcare services. It will be easy to refer to physician instructions, allergies, medications and insurance claims.

So, how far back do these medical records go? Well, it can go back from the time you were born until the present. There is no hard and fast rule. The more information you have, the better it is for you in case a health-related emergency arises. However, in a hospital the medical record will only contain data from the time you first visited the hospital. It will also contain any information you furnished during your initial and subsequent visits.

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How Far Back Do Medical Records Go