Managing Loose Filing In Medical Records

Managing Loose Filing In Medical Records

Personal health record (PHR) is to be used to collect, track, and share past and present information about the individual’s health information.

The PHR forms an important part of medical records both together give all the information to a doctor or healthcare professional when the time arises. But many times information is on loose sheets of paper that can get misplaced or lost and care should be taken to file them carefully.

The important points to remember about PHR are the following:  

  • One should always have access to his complete health information.
  • Information in PHR is to be accurate, reliable and complete.
  • One should have control on how his health information is accessed, used and disclosed.

While medical record is a record of one’s health information compiled and maintained by the health care provider, the PHR is information about the individual’s health compiled and maintained by him. While the medical records of the individual are scattered at different clinics where he has received treatment, PHR is a collection of all records pertaining to the individual in one place.   

By keeping all vital health information of the individual in one place, PHR can provide all relevant information such as blood type, allergies, vaccinations, past procedures etc. in one convenient place. PHR information needs to be stored in a secure manner just like the individual stores other confidential personal information.

If the PHR records are in paper form, they are to be kept in a file folder. All the records from all different clinics may not be available at the same time. One may have to run around to collect them. Whatever records have been collected so far can be put in the folder in some order. The folder can be divided in to sections by family members. The records can be filed year wise. Provision can be made to insert additional records in between as and when these records become available. Loose medical records, when they become available, can be included in the PHR.

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Managing Loose Filing In Medical Records