If Your Heart Pulse Rate Is 94. Is That Good  

A person’s pulse rate is his heart rate. It is the number of times his heart beats in a minute. The pulse rate is known to vary from person to person. Generally the pulse rate is lower when the individual is at rest.

As body activity increases, the need for oxygen rich blood increases and accordingly the heart rate also increases. If a person does strenuous exercise, this calls for maximum effort form his heart and his heart rate reaches a peak.

The normal pulse rate for an individual falls in the range as given below.

Age Group

Normal heart rate at rest

Babies to age 1

10-160 beats per minute

Children (1-10)

60-140 beats per minute

Children (11-17)

60-100 beats per minute

Adults(Age 18 and above)

60-100 beats per minute

Well conditioned athletes

40-60 beats per minute

  To obtain an accurate resting pulse rate the person has to be calm and resting for about 5 minutes before reading the pulse. If any stimulants are taken prior to the measurement, it will tend to affect the heart rate. An average of multiple readings is normally worked out to arrive at a representative figure.

There are many conditions that are responsible to change the individual’s pulse rate. A fast heart rate may be caused by reasons such as exercise, anemia, decongestants, fever, heart disease, an over active thyroid gland, asthmatic medicines, stimulants such as caffeine, amphetamines, diet pills, and cigarettes, alcohol and stress.

A slow resting heart rate may be caused by reasons such as heart disease, heart medicine, high level of fitness, and an under active thyroid gland.

In the present case the heart pulse rate is 94. This is within the normal range for an adult but on the higher side. This may indicate lack of physical activity. It is good but the level of physical fitness is poor.

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If Your Heart Pulse Rate Is 94. Is That Good




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