Pulse Rate Affected By Caffeine And Sugar  

The pulse rate for an individual is his heart rate. It is the number of times his heart beats in a minute. The pulse rate is lower when the person is at rest and it increases with physical activity. Certain foods and drinks can have an effect on the pulse rate.

Coffee has a history of one thousand years. Nearly 75 percent of Americans are known to drink coffee on regular basis. Caffeine is the principal active ingredient of coffee. This is the most commonly used stimulant drug in the world. Caffeine is also found in tea, soft drinks and chocolate in addition to coffee. Caffeine is used by athletes as an energy generating aid. 

Once caffeine is consumed it is absorbed in the blood stream and the peak blood levels occur about an hour after ingestion. Once caffeine reaches the blood stream, several body responses take place. Blood pressure, pulse rate and stomach acid production are increased. Fatty acids are released in the blood stream. It also has a stimulating effect on the brain. The effects of caffeine remain from a few hours to as long as 12 hours. But within 4 days of regular use, the body develops tolerance to the effects of caffeine. Even though it increases blood pressure and pulse rate in first time user, the regular user of caffeine will not experience any noticeable change.

Glycogen is the fuel available for muscles which is being utilized during exercise. When an athlete consumes caffeine, this is capable of mobilizing fat stores and enables muscles to use this fat as fuel providing relief to overworked glycogen. The presence of caffeine can help preserving glycogen and this helps athletes to improve their endurance level and make them last longer before exhaustion gets in.     

Sugar also is known to affect the pulse rate directly. Sugar consumption increases the pulse rate.

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Pulse Rate Affected By Caffeine And Sugar




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Pulse Rate Affected By Caffeine And Sugar )
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