Freezing Urine For Clean Drug Test  

A urine test is conducted to detect various diseases such as diabetes and kidney stones. They are also used for confirmation of pregnancies in case of women. One more reason for which these urine tests are used is to check for any kind of drug usage by the person.

A drug test would generally be conducted by health insurance companies, employers when hiring new people, sometimes even high school coaches, army etc. While doing a drug test, the main drug is tested is marijuana along with a combination of some or other drugs.

A urine test would instantly reveal if the person being tested has the habit of consuming marijuana or not. But these days there are illegal ways and means through which even a person using marijuana may not test positive in the urine test. People resort to freezing of urine so that the same can be used when there is a test that needs to be done.

In this method the urine is frozen and it is brought back to a temperature between 90 to 100 degrees, before giving it for a test. This is done by either heating it in the microwave or by thawing it. For thawing, one needs to keep the frozen urine sample under hot running water. If the frozen urine sample is kept in the microwave for more than 10 seconds, it may be of no use.

When urine is frozen in this manner, it may be used for some days, but not for a long time. Freezing of urine for drug test is not very difficult because one can buy such urine.

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Freezing Urine For Clean Drug Test




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