What Is Sap Test Drugs Urine

What Is SAP Test Drugs Urine ?

When an employee has violated a Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol regulation, the same person has to undergo a SAP test. This is primarily for employees who are working in the transportation industry.

SAP test stands for substance abuse professional test. This test is primarily for employees who are already working somewhere. When a person applying for a job fails a drug test, then that person may not be given a particular job.

But employees who test positive in a drug or alcohol test, are not allowed to perform any safety sensitive functions and these employees have to take a return to duty test and the same has to be evaluated by a SAP, before they are allowed to start working again. Only when such a return to duty test is passed, the employee can start doing safety sensitive functions again. To pass this return to duty test, the employee needs to have nil alcohol or drug level in his urine. Even before going in for this test, the employee has to undergo the required after care treatment or education with regards to his substance abuse. The employee may be asked to undergo an extensive 30 day patient program, the report for which would be submitted to the Designated Employer Representative (DER) by the person conducting the SAP test.

Once the employee has completed the treatment, a written follow up plan needs to be made, for continual tests and treatment which has to be presented to the DER. The plan should have details as to the number of tests that may be required as a follow up, along with an after care treatment if any.

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What Is Sap Test Drugs Urine