What Does Urine Analysis Test For ?   

       A urinalysis is another form of urine test, where the urine is collected from the patient in a specimen cup.

It is a very common form of medical diagnosis that is performed in many laboratories, and hospitals. It can reveal many diseases, even in the absence of any significant symptoms.More...


What Do Life Insurance Do Urine Test For ?

What Do Life Insurance Do Urine Test For

The main reason for a person to buy a life insurance is to create a financial back up for his family in case of any critical illness or in the event of his death. This is primarily the reason why before purchasing a life insurance one needs to undergo certain tests. Most of these tests would be to check the presence of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol or the presence of drugs and nicotine.More...


Sensitivity And Specificity Of Urine Pregnancy Test

Sensitivity And Specificity Of Urine Pregnancy Test

When a woman misses her period and there are symptoms like fatigue and nausea, she can definitely suspect a pregnancy but the same can be confirmed only after a pregnancy test is done. When it comes to a pregnancy test, a woman can get it done either at a lab or use a home pregnancy test kit for the same.More...

Formalities Of Positive Urine Test

Formalities Of Positive Urine Test

Generally urine tests are conducted for detection of some diseases, to check for drug or alcohol abuse, or any other substance abuse by the patient. While there are so many ways for a person to pass a urine test, even by using some substance, there may also be instances when a person may test positive. This can happen even if that person is not used to consuming any addictive substance. This may happen because of some kind of medication also.More...

What Does 24 Hour Urine Test Show ?

What Does 24 Hour Urine Test Show

There are quite a few things that can be revealed with a 24 hour urine test. When it comes to a sodium test or a potassium test, then one would rely on a 24 hour urine test to check these levels in a patient’s body. Though sodium and potassium are very important requirements of the body to maintain electrolyte balance, too much of these can lead to high or low blood pressure and low sodium, which is very rare but can also create problems.More...

What Happens If A Lab Rejects A Urine Sample For A Drug Test ?

What Happens If A Lab Rejects A Urine Sample For A Drug Test

A urine test for a drug use is conducted by many employers before hiring new employees. This procedure is known as urinalysis, where the urine sample is sent away to a lab to undergo testing and analysis for a possible drug use. If the result is positive and drug presence indicated, there is also another test done by the same lab to reconfirm the results. Under such circumstances the patient may have to justify the reason behind the findings and as a result he may lose his job and several other benefits.More...


Do Urine Drug Test Include Cyclobenzaprine ?

Do Urine Drug Test Include Cyclobenzaprine

Cyclobenzaprine is a tricyclic antidepressant compound which is used as a long acting skeletal muscle relaxant and analgesic. It is known to work by blocking nerve impulses (pain sensations) that are sent to the brain.More...





Physical Examination :

How-Accurate-Are-Urine-Tests-For-Uti      Apart from checking for diseases like diabetes, kidney problems, jaundice etc, urine tests are also conducted to check for UTI, where UTI stands for urinary tract infection. A patient suffering from urinary tract infection or More..




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