Five Stages Of Dying

Five Stages Of Dying

As the process of dying enters the final stages, there are two forces at work – the physical and the emotional. The physical process involves the shutting down of each part of the body slowly but surely. The emotional aspect is where the spirit of the dying person pulls itself out of the immediate environment.

The person tries to finish undone things – for example, personal business or unreconciled problems. Very often the patient lingers till a close family member arrives on the scene.

There are five stages involved in the process of dying. Some have time to proceed into each stage and come to a peaceful compromise.

The first is denial. The person feels he is too young to die. Once the physician confirms that the end is near, the person has time to prepare for death, make amends, take care of personal items etc. Very soon he will come to terms regarding death.

Anger begins to well up. Suddenly you are not in control of yourself. You feel helpless and guilty. Anger can be debilitating.

A spirit of compromise sets in. You’d like to make a deal with God. You would do certain things only if you had time. You think of your dependants and feel helpless. There may be a rift with a particular person which you would like healed. You are hoping there is a short respite.

Depression is part of the scenario. You have to go and are not capable in dealing with every day’s problems. You are aware, you are angry and you are also filled with sorrow. Guilt creeps in. You mourn for yourself and the loved ones left behind. This is a normal reaction.

Acceptance is common. Acceptance is coming to terms with reality. It is the realization that life will continue even if you are not there. Death is also a part of life.

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Five Stages Of Dying