Treatment For High Frequency Hearing Loss  

High frequency hearing loss can be very challenging when it comes to treating it. People who suffer from high frequency hearing loss invariably need a hearing aid because they have problems hearing high pitches. This means that they will not be able to hear a woman's voice, child's voice and certain consonants like s and p. This makes it difficult for them to hold a conversation.

The treatment for high frequency hearing loss is wearing a hearing aid. However, using conventional hearing aid will not improve the hearing of high frequency sounds. That is why the best treatment for high frequency hearing loss is using digital hearing aids. And the good news is that these types of hearing aids are now available.

Digital hearing aids allow the person to program and adjust the frequency based on the loss. The hearing aid has a tiny computer chip which has the ability to convert the sounds into digital codes and then these codes are analyzed and the amplification is adjusted according to the wearer. The reason why digital hearing aids are in demand is because the sound can be programmed and tune to the hearing loss of an individual.

 Another treatment for high frequency hearing loss is using open fitted hearing aids. In this type of hearing aid, the ear is open partially so that low frequency sounds can travel directly into the ear while the high frequency sounds are amplified through the hearing aid.

However, to get the best treatment for high frequency hearing loss, you should consult an audiologist who will be able to perform the necessary tests and then suggest the type of hearing aid that is best suited for your hearing loss.

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Treatment For High Frequency Hearing Loss




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