How Long Do Saline Implants Last ?

How Long Do Saline Implants Last ?

Two types of breast implants were available till 1992. Both silicone breast implant and saline implant were being used. Food and Drug Administration restricted the use of silicone gel filled implants in 1992.

This was based on the concern that the silicone gel leaking into the body may be harmful and sufficient data was not available from the manufacturer’s regarding the safety aspects. Since then, saline-filled implant is the only breast augmentation procedure that is available.

The implants do have risks. Breast implant is an artificial medical device. No medical device is known to function as well as the natural biological part and also can not last as long as the natural part. Saline breast implants can rupture, ripple, harden, change shape and shift position. They are also known to cause infection, pain and loss of feeling. The common complication associated with the implant is rupture or deflation.

As the body perceives this as a foreign object, it forms a scar tissue around it. Over a period of time this tissue gets hardened. This can also cause pain and if the pain becomes unbearable, surgery may be required to remove the scar tissue or get the implant removed and replaced.

So, how long do saline implants last? Breast implant has a limited life and the rupture can take place any time. It can be a few weeks or a few years. Maximum may be 10 years. The implant also creates problem regarding the detection of breast cancer. The calcium deposits in tissues surrounding the implant look identical to cancer and difficult to distinguish from the tumor on a mammogram.

Breast implantation is not a one time surgery. Additional surgery may be required to either for replacements or for removal of the implant.

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How Long Do Saline Implants Last